Ageless Yogis

Ageless Yogis is a yoga practice dedicated to the ageing body. Ageless Yogis was created with a deep knowing that yoga can help us in so many ways. Yoga is about healing, connection, and acceptance. In Ageless classes, we learn to connect our breath, and our minds, to the physical body to bring about change. We learn how to increase the quality and joy in our lives. Through movement that is modified for the ageing body, we become strong, flexible and powerful.

The population is ageing and so are the yogis. Not only are we ageing, but we are living longer than ever before. Some of the things we may experience as we age can be delayed by a regular yoga practice. For example, ageing changes some of the functions of our vital organs. Therefore, affecting the functioning of all body systems. With yoga, we can do poses for the joints and connective tissue. Breathing exercise for the heart, lungs, and nervous system. Meditation for the function of the mind and reducing stress. All of this is combined with fun and connection to others who seeking health wellness and wellbeing Glenda has been doing and teaching yoga since 2011.

As a registered nurse, Glenda has spent her adult life helping others feel better. But it wasn’t until starting and then teaching yoga that her life purpose was born. Glenda decided to devote her energy to yoga and founded the Ageless Yogis practice. Glenda’s experience and education in both western medicine and yoga have enabled her to give the ageing population of students’ confidence that yoga is meant for all. Join us in up leveling your life.

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