Pidge’s Pop-Up Boutique Sale

Join us for Pidge’s Pop-Up Boutique Sale featuring pants and blouses from Africa!

Friday August 4th 12pm-3pm

Proceeds from the sale of Tanzanian made trousers and blouses benefit Door of Hope in Moshi, Tanzania. Door of Hope is a home for Maasai girls to get them away from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, polygamous marriages and female genital mutilation.

Payments with Cash or Checks

Awakening your Inner Child with Glenda & Brett September / October 2023 in Greece!

Join us for a fabulous 7 day, 6 night yoga retreat on Amorgos Island, Greece. We are coupling this with a three-night pre-stay in Athens, Greece, playing tourist.

Private Yoga Sessions


At The Centre – $60 per hour

At Your Location – $95 per hour

Condition specific students will need to fill out a questionaire prior to your private session. This allows us to address your specific needs and individualize your practice. Call or contact us through the website to schedule your sessions today! Participants must sign a release form prior to individual and group sessions.

Groups (Minimum 5 people)

At The Centre – $40 base fee and $12 per person

At Your Location – $90 base fee and $12 per person

Rates are based on a one hour session format. Call or contact us through the website for more information.

Private Yoga Basics

A 2 hour private session is designed to teach you the basics! Whether you are a beginner looking to build confidence or an experienced yogi looking to improve your practice, you will love this private one-on-one session. You learn the core poses and poses with modifications for the poses you find challenging.

$110 per 2 hour session or $140 with 4 class tickets or $180 with 10 class tickets so combine your session with yoga tickets to get a discount on classes


Downloadable Private Yoga

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